Saturday, November 30, 2013


"Abundant Color"  12 X 12  Lori LaBerge  2013

The holiday season is upon us and "Abundant Color" was completed just before Thanksgiving Day.  The bulky yarn for the tree was found in a bin in the studio and overdyed to give it depth.  The color pops against the blue sky, making it the focus and the grayed greens in the background do not pull attention from the tree.  This is one I may find difficulty parting with.  Next will be framing decisions.  I have been framing the 4 X 6 landscapes in modern gallery 8 X 10 black frames.  This piece has the feel of needing a more formal landscape frame.

Since working in the outdoors, the colors of the landscape have been on my mind.  I found a great book written for painters.


Color Mixing Recipes for Landscapes has over 500 color ideas.  The index is set up according to subject.  Need a color for the foliage on an Aspen tree, its there.  Yes, its that specific.  Colors for soil, wheat, tree trunks, the sea, skies, rocks, etc. are included. 

Though it is a book specifically for mixing paint, experienced dyers should be able to get an idea of what color dyes to mix to achieve similar results.  I cannot wait to hit the dye pot. The book is available through Amazon here where you can take a look inside of it.  There is also one for portraits which I have not seen but which can be found here.

We had our first ice storm this week.  I have never hooked snow and this year will be my chance to tackle it.

I put together a partial winter palette of wool.  Winter colors are beautiful.  They are so much more that just white.  Look closely and there will be blues, grays, lavenders, pinks and off-whites in addition to other colors.  The skies may contain subtle shades of yellow, pink and even the appearance of green.  The dark colors of evergreens and tree trunks contrast with lighter hues.  


This grouping would not complete the palette, but it is a good start.  I would like to add one or two warmer colors, depending on the scene created.  It is a good grouping of values as can be seen in the black and white photo below.

Take a walk on a sunny winter afternoon, enjoy the colors that surround you and have a great day.     

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