Saturday, November 2, 2013


Work continued on "Blue Collar" this week:
"Blue Collar" in progress,  Lori LaBerge  2013

So far, the blues in my stash bin have been enough to work with.  I decided on a 4-cut instead of 6-cut for this piece to contrast with the roughness of the pulley that will be placed on top, so the hooking is taking a little longer than planned. 

The lighter stripe on the right will need to be changed as the break between the blues within it is too abrupt.  I'm going to try staggering the lighter blue down further into the medium blue to see if that will work.  The piece as a whole will come together better once the aqua color is added to the bottom section.      

In a previous blog I had talked about thoughts on finishing this piece with pulley attached and am still contemplating what type and size of wood to use on top, the type of adhesive for placing the time cards on the wood, how it will hang and other matters. 

The Plein Air Hooking Artists website is up and running at We have a wonderful group of artists who are interested in the study of light, color and nature.  Susan Feller, Patricia Winans, Michele Phillips and Laura Pierce are kicking off this group working in the plein air tradition.  We would love to have you become a part of this, so please check out our Join Us page on the site.  I know winter is headed our way, but we have special winter rules for the group so no one freezes out there.

Working outside with a scrap bin has led me to becoming a bit more organized for plein air work. 

My messy scrap bin is quite pretty to look at, but needs some organizing.

My new organized bin.

I recently purchased a tool bin for screws and am using it to hold a variety of shades of green needed to hook nature.  Drawers were filled according to shade with olives, pure greens, yellow greens, etc. separated out.  The bottom drawers hold dark spotted greens needed for shadows, emphasis and background.  Another bin will be purchased later to hold various sky colors.

Heading out into the field to hook this morning I had the chance to enjoy a bright sunny day with a few clouds.  The piece still needs to be cleaned up and steamed, but I took a quick photo of it.  

 "Birch Memories"  Lori LaBerge  2013

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather before winter arrives and have a great day.

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