Saturday, December 7, 2013


While working on "Blue Collar" I was contemplating the thought of a companion "White Collar" piece.  I developed a multitude of ideas for the "Blue Collar" project while it took longer to develop the "White Collar" design.  Perhaps because I veer toward industrial design.  After a walk in the woods I started fresh.

 This was the easy part.  The piece had to match the size of the first work which was 16 X 20.   There was some brainstorming done as to what items relate to a white collar worker.   

I decided on an office building as a background and used this photo taken in Asheville, NC to start the design process.

The photo was then simplified through both drawing with Photoshop and using available effects.  Drawing on the computer is just like drawing on paper  with the use of a wacom tablet.  It can take getting used to drawing on the pad and seeing the drawing appear on the computer screen.  I painted over the center section as it will be used to hang a men's tie.  I will create a header on the top of the hooked work which will be collaged with newspaper depicting stock market numbers.

 I do not trace a design onto the linen.  I always draw the design free hand onto the backing.  This just seems to work out better for me as I do not have a light table and it can be difficult to see through the linen to the drawing beneath.  This method gives me a better feel for the design itself.

Here the design is ready for the hooking to start.  Not only is the computer in the background used for design, it plays some pretty good music.  Work, like life, is just not the same without music. 

  Colors were chosen.  I wanted the grays to be herringbone, like a man's suit, to go along with the white collar theme and give a business like feel.  The piece will be predominantly various whites hooked together.  I found a bright white yarn in a box and may mix this in with the wool fabric as it is nearly impossible to get a bright white wool fabric.

Earlier in the week, when running into problems with the design process I went for a walk in the woods.  We live on ten acres and the wooded section has some nice open areas. Its amazing how a walk can clear your mind. Here are some shots from my morning out.

This pine cone found a cozy home as it fell among pine needles nestled in the deteriorating section of a fallen tree.

The weather is starting to take its toll on plant life as flowering sections begin to fall in preparation for winter.

The homes of all sorts of creatures can be found both above and below.

There was still color to be found but it, like the leaves. will soon be gone.

Enjoy a walk in the woods, or simply around the neighborhood, clear your thoughts and have a great day.

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