Saturday, December 28, 2013


I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!  We had a wonderful holiday and since I have a hard time staying away from the sketchbook, there was even time to work out a new design.

"Light in the City" design phase  27 X 36  Lori LaBerge  2013

This piece will continue the abstract "Road Series" of work.  It will be the tenth in the series and I am not sure how many will complete the grouping. 

The design started with a rough sketch:

I enjoyed working on "Coastal Route", an earlier work which consisted of small squares. This piece follows that idea.  A metal bar will be placed over the piece where the top quarter ends.

Color was added.  The square on the upper right on the sketch was halved in size which added more interest and fit the composition better.  The large rectangle led to the title of the work as it will represent a traffic light.  The smaller blocks make reference to city blocks and buildings.

Color was changed as the brick red wasn't working for me.  The division of color allows the eye to travel throughout the piece better than the single red color did.  

The final design as shown at the beginning of this post.  White lines were added indicating travel routes and dots were added to more easily visualize how the washers, which will be used over the large rectangular section, will look.  Next on the list is ordering more wool and linen!

While I did not work on any plein air hooking this past week, there were some new works placed on the Plein Air Hooking Artists site before the holidays.  See them here.  I was lucky enough to receive these from my daughter:

Wonderful warm fingerless gloves and a hand warmer.  What better to have when hooking out in the cold.

Whatever your interests (my Dad has found his knack for cooking during retirement), enjoy the creative process and have a great day.


Yes, sheetrock is up and completed.  This weekend will consist of priming the ceiling and walls.  Final inspection should come soon. 

A view from front to back of studio.  Appliances are still waiting to be placed.

View from back to front of studio.

Workshop area, opposite studio area, where a garage door will be placed for easily moving table saws and other larger equipment in and out.

Long storage area between workshop and studio.  For storing picture frames, packing boxes, etc. 

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