Saturday, January 25, 2014


"Blue Collar"  18 1/2 X 21 3/4,  Lori LaBerge  2013

"Blue Collar" is almost completed.  I still need to purchase the correct size D-rings to place on back for hanging and I want to find screws to attach the washers to the top rather than gluing them.  This week I painted the chain, put another coat of gel medium on the collage section and attached the pulley to the collaged wood.

To put the hole in the wood to attach the pulley required learning how to use a drill press. It looks a bit intimidating, but actually worked great.  This allows for a straighter hole through the 1 1/2 inch thick wood than a regular drill would create. You can see this was brought indoors.  Way too cold to work out in the shed.

The hooking on "White Collar" also continued:

"White Collar"  Lori LaBerge  2013

Though the original plan had a slight inclusion of design down the middle, I decided it was not needed as the tie which will hang down the center ended up being wider than I thought and would just obstruct any hooking.  When completed, this will be the same size as the "Blue Collar" piece.

With all the activity around home lately, I have decided to take this weekend to myself and experiment, create new designs, work plein air and do some drawing.  No phone, no computers, no interruptions.  

Plan to take a weekend for yourself and have a great day.


We installed the vent over the oven area along with cabinets.  Things were going smoothly until we realized the heating guys had moved the hole for the vent for some reason.  This means the oven will not be centered directly over the vent.  This type of problem requires wine and chocolate which leads to the realization that since this is a studio and not a home, there should be no problem.

Lighting was installed over the sink area in the bathroom.

The walls in the storage area were painted.

Facing the chaos as the old studio was dismantled.  This all needs to be moved.

Things get worse before they get better as a corner of the new studio serves to hold moved items.

A bookcase and some shelving (there never seems to be enough) starting to look like some kind of order occurring.  The oven and washer/dryer are in the far boxes on the right.  I am still looking for a table and decided to use an old folding one until I find what I like.

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