Saturday, January 18, 2014


Rug Hooking Magazine includes a section on new books called "Good Reads".  This is always the first page I turn to.  This month they featured a book on hooked rugs and the Modern Art movement.  This is the kind of thing that excites me and I ordered it immediately.  Last week, when I ordered, the price was $89 through Amazon and is for some reason now up to $99.  I am currently about a quarter way through the book.

Cynthia Fowler has done an excellent job covering the modernist view of how hooked rugs fit into history.  She covers the history of businesses which promoted modern rugs designed by artists, how the businesses were run and promoted and and why they failed. I love the ton of references that are included so I can look up more articles and books on the subject.

It brings into question, what is art? what is craft? what is decorative art vs. fine art? are they really that different, can they be merged successfully?, etc.  I like the idea of artists working in different media which led to Modern artists designing hooked rugs.  Everything an artist does he or she learns from and develops new ideas from. 

This book informs the reader of a specific period of rug hooking history, leaving one wanting to build upon the ideas some of those involved in the modernist movement had about promoting the artistic merit of hooked rugs.  

"White Collar" in progress, Lori LaBerge  2014

Hooking continued this week as I dug out three different whites for the background of the mixed-media work "White Collar".  There is white and natural wool fabric along with a bright white yarn.  The yarn adds a glow that wool cloth just does not provide unless richly or deeply dyed.  The background is being hooked in a random pattern.

Relax with a great rug hooking book, enjoy your projects and have a great day. 


The studio continues to move along.  

This week my brother-in-law visited and did a wonderful job helping out.  Window trim was installed and the first coat of paint was applied to it.

A board was cut and placed along a 4 1/2" ledge on two walls.  It will be coated with polyurethane on a warmer day or when the heating is turned on, whichever comes first.

Here, the doors to the workshop are installed.  A second set of double doors and three single doors were also installed.

Cabinets are waiting to be placed over the oven. 

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