Saturday, January 11, 2014


This week was filled with variety.  We've had  company coming and going regularly since the holidays.  It seems to be a time of travel for many.  In addition to visiting, I have two hooking projects going plus I am working on the new studio.

I tore up accounting paperwork with names of blue collar jobs written on it to collage a 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 piece of wood.  This will be used as a header for "Blue Collar".  The collage work is purposefully imperfect as I tend to think of blue collar jobs as gritty and messy. These are the physical jobs which don't always receive the respect they deserve.  Who do we turn to when the electricity is out, our refrigerators break down or we have a water leak?  These are the people who keep our daily lives moving along smoothly.

Velcro was added to the top of the hooking on "Blue Collar" to be attached to the back of the collaged wood.  I still have to find a drill bit to drill through the heavy metal pulley that will hang from the wood.  Construction of mixed-media is always a challenge.

Another window was hooked  into the "White Collar" piece. 

Mixed-media pieces take more time than purely hooked work for me as I try to find the right elements.  It always makes me slightly nervous as far as whether everything will fit together correctly.  "White Collar" will focus on the stock market and I found the perfect tie to fit with the piece.  Bulls and bears along with ticker tape design adorn the fabric.

The majority of the week was spent on the new studio construction.

We completed all the painting and started on the flooring.  Here is the measured wood being cut.  Since Pete and I have done this before it went quite smoothly.

Pete worked on cutting any small pieces on the edges while I installed the larger planks. Notice the kerosene heater at middle right.  It gets cold working out there and this will keep it cozy until the heating is hooked up.

Here is the finished wood floor.  We will be headed out to pick up molding this weekend. We are continuing the wood into a section of the storage area through a door to the upper right where I will store framing supplies, boxes, etc.

Here you can see one of  the tracks we put up for the track lighting along with a light by the window where the dye sink will go.  We also put covers on the electrical outlets last night. On the upper wall is the heating and air conditioning unit.  

Projects can be time consuming.  Enjoy the journey and have a great day. 


  1. Your studio is starting to look very inviting as a place to create!

    1. Thank you, Patricia. I'm excited about moving in!