Sunday, January 5, 2014


We had our first good snow covering yesterday and I couldn't help but notice all the beautiful shadows that formed and their variations in length and color.

Wide shadows cast by the dense trees in the woods.  They were a beautiful lilac and gray with a touch of rose which was reflected from the morning sky color.

A super long shadow from an electrical pole was cast across the field.  This photo was taken slightly later than the first and cast a blue tone.  If you look closely, you can see the color of the shadow changing as it gets further away.  Color gets cooler as it recedes.

This shadow's length was three to four times the height of the tree at 10:00 a.m.  When hooking shadows the time of day that is portrayed should be taken into account as this affects shadow length.  There are long shadows in the morning hours.  This photo shows a little better than the last how the color of the top of the shadows differs from the base of the shadow.

This tree was across the field from the one above and the photo was taken at the same time.  The shadow cast was about twice the height of the tree.  The color of the shadow varied from blues to purples.  Looking out the window  two hours later the shadow length was the same height as the tree.  Three hours later it was half the height of the tree.

Shadows across the hillside appeared to have a grayer tone and were about the length of the height of the tree at mid morning.

The finishing on "Blue Collar" was started this week.

I waited until I found a yarn that would work for the edges.  There was an ombre type yarn in my bin which took about an hour to untangle.  Whether this would have been a shorter or longer time without my glass of Merlot will never be known.

The variation of color fits well with the work and is more interesting than a plain matching cobalt would have been. 

Take some time to look at winter shadows, check to see how they change as time passes and have a great day.


 Last week was sheet rock and this week was primer and paint time.  The paint is called "Moondance" and is very light gray.  The ceiling is white.

The second coat of white is already on the ceiling and a second coat of gray will be painted on the walls this week.  I need to think about what color the moulding around the doors and windows will be and get ready to lay the flooring.

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