Saturday, February 15, 2014


"White Collar"  18 3/4" X 21 1/2" X 1 1/2", Lori LaBerge  2014

This was a really great piece to work on.  I enjoyed the collage and may add the technique to future works.  The tie had to be cut and pieced back together on the backside to be the right length for the work.  The original plan was for the tie to be higher up, but I really like it hanging a bit over the edge.  The piece has the business look I was going for.

"White Collar"  close-up, Lori LaBerge  2014

I tore out the stock market pages from a few newspapers to use for the collage, purposefully placing the NYSE lettering toward the middle of the piece.  The collage work is more polished than the rough work done on the "Blue Collar" piece completed earlier. The two pieces have different feelings and I wanted to communicate that.  All that is left is to place D-Rings for hanging and label the back.

Here is a photo of the works side by side:  I added washers and screws to the top collaged section of "Blue Collar" this week.

"White Collar" and "Blue Collar", Lori LaBerge  2014

I have worked on quite a few 16 X 16 and smaller pieces.  After working on the 30 X 30 hooking challenge, I have decided to push myself and, while still working on a few smaller pieces, focus on larger pieces this year.  A new work in the "Road Series" was started this week.

"Red Light in the City"  in progress,  27" X 36", Lori LaBerge  2014

Dyeing was needed for the project.

and here's the palette of colors ready to go.

Try switching up your work (work larger or smaller, work with colors you wouldn't normally use, work with materials you wouldn't normally use, etc.) and have a great day. 

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