Saturday, February 1, 2014


This week the hooking section of the latest mixed-media work was completed.

"White Collar" in progress.

The next steps are to whip the edges, collage a piece of wood for the top, attach a tie to the center, attach a hanging device and label.  This will probably take a week or longer as I've signed up to be a part of Laura Kenney's rug challenge.  

While looking through my Facebook, I noticed that Laura was calling upon others to join her starting February 3 in what she has named  "Make a Rug Week".  You can keep up with what people are doing this week on Laura's Facebook artist page.

I put in extra time this week to finish up the hooking on "White Collar" and started thinking about a design for the challenge.

I have been wanting to add to previous work I have done with abstract figures, but wanted to work on a larger scale.  This was the time to begin.  I started drawing out the design:

The start of "At the Coast".    30" X 30" Lori LaBerge  2013

The background was roughly drawn in to depict an ocean view.  I will change this slightly as the hooking goes along to get what feels right for the piece.

Next was to do some color planning.  I will need to dye more blues, a light gray and some black.  I would like a brighter orange so will look to see what I have or if I have to dye.  Most of the other colors I was lucky enough to have in my stash.

This will be an intensive one-week project and I hope I haven't pushed myself too far with this as I have never finished a 30 X 30 piece in one week before. It will definitely have to be an 8-cut.  Hooking officially starts on Monday, so I'll let you know how it went next week.

Join a challenge or set up your own and have a great week.


We're getting there!  The plumbing was completed this week, but water will not be turned on until final inspection (which was supposed to be Friday, but was a no-show).  A drain pan has been ordered to place under the washer/dryer.

  The faucet for the dye sink was installed.

And what would a bathroom be without a sink.  We still need to caulk where the tile and sheet rock meet.    

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