Saturday, February 22, 2014


"Red Light in the City"  in progress, Lori LaBerge 2014

I completed hooking on the traffic light section and started with the grays that will surround it.  There are six different grays from light to dark.  The white wool I had needed to be washed so a dark holding line was placed in the lower light gray square to be replaced by the white later.  Dark purple lines were hooked along with the lighter purple to add focus and interest in that area.  

There will be a dyed green boucle wool hooked into the large square sections.  As the green is close to the gray colors, I want to add some other greens and randomly hook them into the squares along with the base green.

The base green is in the background of the two photos below and I will be deciding which scraps to add to the piece.

 These scraps are a bright yellow green which would bring out the yellow in the background textured wool.

This grouping is still in the yellow green family, but is duller which would give a more subtle color change.  I"ll try each of the groupings to see which works best with the traffic light as I don't want the viewer's eyes distracted from the central focus.

Think about the feeling you want to give your work and how color (light, bright, dull, dark, combinations, etc.) can help you reach that goal and have a great day.


I spent most of the week on studio construction.  There is quite a bit of finishing work which seems to be taking longer than other work we did.  We put caulking along all the moulding, stained wood, attached hinges for doors, readjusted the stove vent which the heating company put in the wrong place and moved cabinets to the right to be more centrally over the stove area.

We're using the storage area as our paint room right now.  I chose a medium gray color for the bathroom and storage room doors.  This goes really fast with the small door rollers available at paint stores.

Here is the bathroom door put in place.

I bought a runner for in front of the dye area to protect the wood veneer floor from water.  I also picked up a small water hog mat for under the sink.  Since I'm close to moving in, I put my wool awaiting the dye process in a blue bin under the sink and added a bright red trash can to match the red light over the sink. 

We emptied out our storage unit we've been renting and I found an old table the kids used to do their homework on.  Great memories!  I will sand the top, paint the bottom and use it for a dye table.  I also moved the bookcase into the dye area.

Two old file cabinets will hold a desktop board.  The files will follow the red theme and be spray painted.  The top board will be painted gray.  Since it is wider than the files and I don't want to cut it, I am going to buy some table legs, paint them the same gray as the desk top and put them under the overhanging section.

  Storage cubes were placed under the work table.  The table top was coated with polyurethane.

  We've done a lot of DIY construction in our lives and have learned that while most things go as planned, there are always problems.  This week's problem came when we called the electric department to hook up electricity.  We were told that we would have to dig the three foot deep trench that has to go from the pole to the building and call them when it was done.  We rented a trencher at the local machine rental center and got to work.  The area close to the building will have to be dug by hand this coming week.  Thus, we still have the long cord going from the house to the studio for electricity.

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