Saturday, March 8, 2014


"Red Light in the City"  in progress, Lori LaBerge  2014

I've been working my way up the design of "Red Light in the City".  There will be one more yellow-green section to hook in.  I will change some of the position of the light and dark yellow-green in the upper left square as it is making some odd looking shapes right now. I'm contemplating using two shades of gray for the whipped edges instead of just a dark gray.  

The large hooking was left at home and I am now at the coast with a beautiful view of the ocean.  Bits and pieces of wool were packed and I'll see if I get anything done with it or simply decide to relax.  There is wonderful inspiration here and I'm having fun with the camera.

When we walked in the door we were greeted by a hooked rug.  Nice start!

Waves crashing and splashing.  So many shades of blue, white, green and beige and the sound is just magical.

I just love the hollow of this wave.  Dark olive greens really create depth when the water rolls.

Sitting on the deck, I was surprised to see this.  A pod of dolphins jumping and playing.

This dog was having a grand old time putting its paws in the water then backing away from the waves as they rolled ashore.

Fencing right off the deck will probably lead to a hooked piece.  Love the lines and shadows.

Surfboards leaning on the wall of our neighbor's rental.

This guy looked like he meant business, so I backed out of his way as he headed up the shore.

A much friendlier fellow enjoying the light breeze and morning sunshine.

Vacations can bring so much inspiration without even realizing it.  Enjoy yours and have a great day.

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