Saturday, April 26, 2014


During Susan Feller's Retreat into the Mountains, covered in last week's post, I worked on a studio piece developed from a small plein air work I had hooked.  Since we were in a mountain setting, I decided to work on a nature design.  The piece was not quite finished when it was time to leave the retreat, so I worked on completing the hooking this week.

  "Stopping for the View"  10" X 22",  Lori LaBerge  2014

Here is how the design came about:

"Winter's Dance"   4" X 6", Lori LaBerge  2014
After completing this piece, I decided I would like to create a larger work based on the trees.

When the small plein air was completed, I snapped a photo of the area used to create the work.  I wanted to include the three trees in a horizontal format.  A photo rarely works as a full design, so I adjusted and edited some branches for less clutter.  I also added a hillside and mountains in the background instead of more trees.

I was interested in the crossing of the branches near the middle of the photo.  I reversed the way the trees were leaning so they would go left to right.  Orange buds were added when I noticed how the peeling bark in the photo had an orange tint to it.  They are dispersed in a zig-zag like pattern to draw the eye throughout the work. The piece has the feel of being among the trees and viewing through the branches to the blue mountains beyond.

A red circle shows how the eye is brought around this portion of the work.  The crossed branch near the bottom center left of the circle veers upward toward the branch protruding inward on the far right tree and around to touch onto the left side branch and a lower branch back around to the crossed area.  This way the eye is not brought out of the picture, but moves around to focus on a certain area.

A while back, I entered into "HOOKED ART 2014" which will be showing at the University of Connecticut's Art Gallery in Stamford, Connecticut from October 23-November 29, 2014. Five photos were sent and two of the pieces were juried in.

"White Collar" and "Blue Collar",  Lori LaBerge  2014

The pairing of "White Collar" and "Blue Collar" were selected.  I like the juxtaposition of the pairing and was excited to finally have an idea for the pulley I had found a while back.  These two pieces tell a story and I hope they engage the viewers in thinking about how both blue and white collar jobs affect our lives on a daily basis. 

This will be a show worth seeing as it focuses on contemporary hooked works.  The entry requirements were for innovative work consisting of at least 30% rug hooking technique.

Try creating your own innovative design where you make it flow so the viewer's eye moves around the piece and have a great day.

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