Saturday, April 5, 2014


"Red Light in the City"  27" X 35" Lori LaBerge  2014

The hooking and steaming were completed on "Red Light in the City" this week. The whipping will be completed on the road as I will be traveling quite a bit this month.  I drew this out to be 36" long but it came out 35".  This seems to happen when I hook blocked works with some straight hooked and others randomly hooked. It may be the way I hook the line in between each block on one side or the other of each square or it may be that I am hooking the random parts tighter than the straight ones.      

Either way, the piece came out even all the way around and I'm finding it to be one of my favorites.  I was worried about the black line above the red light not contrasting enough, but it shows up just fine.  I adjusted the yellow block on the upper left as when first hooked it had a pattern to it that distracted the eye. The various grays go well together and the black lines inside the dark gray rectangles mimic the lines in the stop light.

Some new designs were worked on this week. Quite a few years back I had a business card with 3 sections of works pictured side by side across the top of it. Another artist mentioned he thought it would be great if it was one large piece interconnected.

Remembering back to that time led me to begin thinking about creating a new work with three different designs in one piece.  I decided to use some of my figurative 30 X 30 designs alongside textile type designs.  This is where I am in the design process right now:

  "Nothing Can Hold Me Back"  in design process, Lori LaBerge  2014

The background of the center of the design was developed from a photo I took in a Scottish castle.  I then drew the figure into the scene.  The left hand side brought out the gold color in the middle along with the color of the figure and represents stepping stones.  The right hand side will be hit and miss light golds and dull lilacs.  

  The next step was to decide on what size to make the piece.  I'm debating between 30" X 60" or 24" X 48".  I placed paper on the studio floor to get an idea of the sizes.  

I then put the 24" X 48" paper up against the wall to get a better idea of how the size would look in a home environment.  I still haven't decided which size I will go with.  It always seems that pieces look small in an exhibit area which makes me veer toward the larger of the two. However, that may be too large for most homes.  I'll see how it goes.

Think about the sizes of the works you create or purchase along with what types of spaces they would work best in and have a great day.  Next week's post will be a little late as I'll be on the road.

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