Saturday, May 3, 2014


"How Small We Really Are",  8 X 12  Lori LaBerge  2014

Today was supposed to be yard cleaning day.  I did get some sweeping done and a few weeds pulled up, but when I walked behind the shed on the property I spotted this:

Last year, the landscapers had to redo a portion of our stone wall.  When they removed some of the stones the glued areas had formed circles on the back.  It is funny how an everyday item can give you a design idea.  I usually work at the design process and rarely does an idea go from in my head to a finished product quickly. Today was the exception.  I knew immediately upon seeing the stone what I wanted to do for a design.  Needless to say, the yard work was done for the day.

The design would include an abstract figure and be titled "How Small We Really Are".  It would require earthy colors.  I went to the studio shelf and found a blue purple for the figure along with white for the head.  The background would be a dull/antique looking red and be mixed with yarns of similar colors along with specks of the blue purple.  Dark brown would be used for some contrast in the background. The circle shapes would be a mottled green.      

I drew out the design freehand, looking at the circles on the stone as I was drawing. The idea was for the figure to be surrounded by the many worlds we live in everyday and portray how we are but a small part of everything that goes on around us.

The circles were in a 6-cut and progressed at a fair pace.  The figure and background were a 4-cut an went slightly slower.  I was surprised when the hooking was completed (see top photo on this post) early evening. A trip to the yarn store may be in order for whipping the edges.

Pete and I returned from our trip up north Thursday night and I found some books I had ordered waiting for me.  I have not had time to read them yet but on the nightstand now are:

I have been thinking about adding large areas of embroidery stitches to some work. I'm the type that likes a lot of photos along with written instructions and from the book preview "The Stitch Bible" by Kate Haxell fit the bill.  Hopefully, I'll be able to try some stitches soon.

Of course, as I was searching for books on stitching, I came across another purchase.  "Celebrating the Stitch" by Barbara Lee Smith showcases the work of serious fiber artists and has great photos.  Since it was printed in 1991, it is available at a good price.  The book includes artists' thoughts on design, process, construction, color, stitching, etc.

"String, Felt, Thread" by Elissa Auther was recommended by a good friend.  It is in the academic vein, which I love.  It speaks of the art-craft issues and fiber as high art. 

Find an everyday item to use for a new design, find a good fiber art related book to curl up with in the evenings and have a great day. 

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