Saturday, May 17, 2014


Quite a bit of preparation work took place in the studio this week.

  We completed painting the floor of the open area in the garage section of the studio.  This will be the room where I hang pieces and set up pedestals and tables for the studio tour.  Doors lead to storage and workshop areas.  This would be a great space to hold classes and work on larger projects also, though it is not air-conditioned or heated.

Here is the other side of the open area.  Doors lead to storage and working studio areas.  I'll have to rig up something to hide the sink during the tour.

The storage area is still awaiting more shelving for organization.  Next week's project.

The work studio will need some cleaning also.  Framing and design work are on the table now.  I love not having to clean the table after each work day.

Large foam board (32 X 40) arrived for mounting some larger works.

These works will be used with the foam board.  I'm finding the rail for hanging works in the finishing process to be a great help as projects can be kept in order and in view.

I did manage to start work on another 30 X 30 figurative work.  Here the linen is being cut to size.

The work was hand drawn onto the linen.  Yes, those are wine bottles you see being used to hold the linen in place.  They are a reminder of my reward when the work day is done.  I will most likely need to dye wool for this piece, though I'll see what is on the shelves.  The design process for this work was discussed in a past post here.

Enjoy preparing for your various projects and events, organize in a way that works for you and have a great day.

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