Saturday, June 14, 2014


"City Crossing" in progress  30 x 30  Lori LaBerge  2014

Cities have always fascinated me.  As a child,  my parents took me to Montreal quite often.  I would gaze up at the tall buildings and maneuver my way through all the people on the busy sidewalks.  It seemed as if I would wait forever to cross the street as I wasn't as daring as the locals in ignoring the crossing signs, and that thought is part of which led to the design of "City Crossing".

I often look through sketchbooks and photos when deciding on a design and "City Crossing" was developed from the reflection in the photo below:


There is so much inspiration in the city:

 There are so many patterns in the city.  In this photo I like the square patterns in the lower center with the few circular roofing shapes around them.  The roof of the building on the left is reminiscent of Alber's Homage to the square.  The odd shape of the building on the right reminds me of a kilim type motif.  A multitude of design ideas could come from this one photo.

 Row houses make for an interesting pattern with various window configurations, facades and different patterns created by air vents and other roofing items.  The roof line on the further buildings has a wave type feel to it.  How about a shaped piece of art?  A work with various depth levels mimicking the row houses?  

 How about a different perspective?  There are so many angles when you look up at all the tall buildings.  This could lead to ideas about differing perspective on other subjects you may be using for designs.

 The top of this building has a pagoda type feel to it.  How about mixing different styles in one piece of art?  

 I liked the horizontal and vertical on this building.  You could use a variety of directions in one piece or do a directional series of work.  And how about the moss and vines on the side of the building that look like they are dripping.  I've been contemplating throwing paint on a piece and letting it drip down the wool.  Maybe a little Pollock?

 While visiting Charleston, I spotted these beautiful rose windows.  I already have an abstract architectural design in the sketchbook based on this photo.  I like the depth of the windows along with the flower-like shape in the glass.  A repetitive piece on circles could be an option with this, also.

 Another photo that is in the sketchbook as an abstract stairway.  I love the curve of the stairs.  There is also another rose window with a moulding around it that could lead to some interesting options for design.

Old dilapidated buildings are some of my favorites.  I really like going inside these when I can.  This one has large rectangular blocks of design.  I like the patches and cracks which tends to give each block a look of having columns, similar to a newspaper.  The graffiti also lends itself to possibilities.  If you don't care for letters, perhaps you could use rounded chunky shapes outlined in black as part of a design.

Design possibilities are everywhere.  Look around, think of things you see with design in mind and have a great day.

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