Saturday, June 21, 2014


"City Crossing" in progress,  30 X 30  Lori LaBerge  2014

The work on the latest figurative abstract continued this week.  Music filled the work space as it was a quiet week after the studio tour last weekend.  I added a diagonal section through the middle of the piece where I am hooking blue.  The background is vast and placing a medium blue in the diagonal section with a mix of a light medium and light blue above, though subtle, will break it up a bit.

Above is a comparison of last week's and this week's progress.  I put this up so people can see how colors affect each other.  There have been many times I have seen rug hookers tear out a color they don't think is working.  This can affect beginners who are still learning color theory.  Often, this is because they are looking at it against the backing fabric of linen or monk's cloth.  The color of linen is quite often not very attractive against colors one may be working with.

The photo of last week's progress is quite boring.  The dull red violet against the light beige of the linen is anything but exciting.  This week's progress brings a truer violet next to the red violet for a rich analogous mix.  Adding again to the analogous scheme is the violet blue started on the right.  Across from this group of colors on the color wheel is yellow.  I did not want a true yellow for the figure.  I opted for a yellow-green for something just a little bit off. The piece should be completed this coming week if all goes well.

Since the weather cooperated this week, I took some time to head outside and work on a plein air piece.  The hay was quite thick and looked like waves rolling through the field when the wind blew.  The day I headed out there was a clear afternoon with only an occasional mild wind.  We have a red gate in a corner of the front field that I love against the green grass.

"The Positively Red Gate"  7 X 7 Lori LaBerge  2014

I'm still having fun with the plein air work as it is freer than the planning which goes into studio pieces.  It is a nice break and gives me time to enjoy the mountain air and my surroundings. The shadows on the fence took on a blue tone and the glint of sun on the top of fence and gate produced a glare that I used white wool to portray.  I spent two days on this piece and it was a good thing I made progress on the first day as the second day the field looked like this:

No more long grass as the local farmer came to cut the hay.  I hooked the rest of the grass in the piece from memory, though I still sat outside enjoying the smell of the hay.  Yes, hay fever medication had to be taken that morning.  If you are interested in joining the Plein Air Hooking Artists, please check out our site here.

Try different color plans, follow the color wheel or throw in something unexpected and have a great day.

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