Saturday, June 28, 2014


"City Crossing"  29 X 30  Lori LaBerge  2014

Everything worked out this week and the hooking on "City Crossing" was completed. When I finish a piece I always measure it to make sure it is even on all sides. Textiles don't always lend themselves to a perfect shape as they shift and stretch during the work process.  The piece was planned to be a 30 X 30 but ended up at 29 X 30.  Since it did not have to be a particular measurement, this was not an issue. 

Above, you can see how the measuring tape was placed on the diagonal.  This measurement was taken on the opposite side also.  The measurements both left and right and up and down were also taken.  There was a slight problem with the bottom left corner bulging slightly making it between 1/8 and 1/4 inch off.  

I took the 8-cut out of the second row up toward the edge and replaced it with a 6-cut.  You can see how this row looks slightly smaller than the final row.  This solved the problem and the piece is now squared up.  Things are never perfect, but when I find the work is 1/4" or more off, making the piece deviate from its intended shape, I usually correct it.  Now it is ready for finishing work.  I'm still deciding on the color of yarns I will used for the whipped edge.

My husband and I took a ride into Asheville last Saturday and we stopped at The Antique Tobacco Barn, which has been named the best antique store in Western North Carolina.  I could spend days looking through all of the items they have. Multiple ideas struck me as I walked through aisles filled with things from days' past. I now have an idea for a mixed-media piece and below are items I will be using to develop it.

 Could not resist these old bobbin spools, which led to the idea for the planned piece.  These have always appealed to me and I had trouble choosing from the colors they had available.  I will be using the brown ones for the project.  They have touches of purple, yellow and turquoise on them.  I'm not sure if the pink ones on the right, smaller and more solid, are also called bobbin spools or not.  If any of you are aware of what they are, please let me know.

I want the spools to relate to the textile aspect of the piece, so I went and took photos of the local Coats American Inc. thread company building nearby. 

Here is another section of the building. I will use the photos with Photoshop along with sketches I'll be making to create the hooked section of the project.

I found these wooden thread spools on Etsy and they are now on their way to the studio.  Seven of them have Coats and Clark written on their label which will fit perfect with the idea of using the Coats factory photos to design the work.

I grabbed some fabrics from the shelf and came up with these as a general idea of the colors for the project.  As with every mixed-media project, there will be some experimenting involved in fitting everything together correctly.  It can sometimes be difficult to get from the idea to the finished piece, so next week's development of the work will be interesting.  For now, I'm going to enjoy the weekend.

Challenge yourself by looking for interesting items to inspire you, use them to aid in creating new ideas for your work and have a great day.

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