Saturday, June 7, 2014


The Toe River Studio Arts Tour (this link is a download of the tour catalog) is in full force this weekend and a few pieces have found new homes.  I'm working on finishing and framing the latest works while discussing art with those stopping by. Also enjoying talking to people about where they are from and their travels along the tour route.  The tour lasts through Sunday. Here are a few photos of how the studio and gallery are set up for the weekend.

The view upon entering the studio.  It is surprisingly clean as I usually have wool scattered throughout the room when color planning.

Another view with some wool laid out on the work table for an abstract figurative piece and new design plans over the sewing machine area.

I pinned up various 1/2 yards of dyed wool on one wall to add some color to the studio.  I'm planning on leaving it up as it is already inspiring new color plans.

One wall of the gallery area with both studio and plein air work.

Striped series work.

Some of the "Road Series" works.  Others are at the TRAC Gallery.

I wanted to put at least one floor piece on display.  It sits on a platform Pete and I made for it.

The artist reception at the TRAC Gallery in Spruce Pine.  There was quite a crowd and we had the chance to visit with friends old and new while enjoying wine and dessert.  There are very few fiber artists on the tour so it was great to visit with a couple of them.

There is one more day of the tour and the studio awaits more visitors tomorrow.  As you can see, landscaping is not done yet.  Hopefully, soon.

Search out some studio tours locally or relax while searching studio tour images on the internet and have a great day.


  1. Studio looks great Lori. Hope you had a great tour!

  2. Thanks, Louise. Hope all went well for you this weekend also. Enjoyed talking with you at the reception.