Saturday, July 26, 2014


Since I am not in the studio for at least three weeks, hooking projects have proven to be a challenge. Most will get started in Vermont, but not be completed until I am back home with all supplies available.

"Ice Ahead"  abstract in progress,  9" X 13", Lori LaBerge  2014

The hooking aspect of "Ice Roads" was finished this week.  I still need to add the metal parts.  As I did not have the correct color chain with me while traveling, I will wait to add it to the piece when I arrive back at the studio.  

The piece came out much softer than the original design plan.  While on the road, I will need to work with the colors I have with me.  The blues available were not as bright as planned and the purple not as red.  The softness of the piece adds more to the cooler feel, which works well to abstractly depict ice and winter, so the piece is working out well so far.  The chain, when added, will bring more attention to the purple section.

There are advantages and disadvantages to working away from the studio with limited materials at hand.

Some tips while on the road:

--Plan out designs ahead of time if possible.

--Try to decide on some color schemes beforehand.  You may not have the exact colors you need, but this can often lead to new ideas while hooking. 

Plenty of grey wool packed for my Road Series designs, some metal parts, yarn and cording.  Unfortunately, I have no access to a sewing machine, so I will only be able to finish off the piece that was pre-sewn when we left. 

--You may be forced to make decisions you would not have had to make in the studio.  Be flexible.  

--Don't forget necessities such as scissors, hook, frame or hoop, wool, linen, and cutter.

--Use the sites around you on your trip for ideas if you did not plan ahead.  This is a great time to work on ideas for new designs.

"Bridging the Gap"  designed on the road,  10" X 28",  Lori LaBerge  2014

The piece above came about as I viewed the many bridges along our trip north.  It gave me the idea to combine two works with a "bridge" between them.  The bridge will be made up of two metal bars.  The whole construction has not been worked out yet, but the main idea is there.

--My computer goes everywhere with me.  If yours is available, go through your digital photo albums for ideas.  Use Photoshop to design.  Cropping is one of my favorite features as it allows one to focus on certain aspects of a photo for design purposes.

--This is also a good time for finishing work.  I tend to hook about four or five pieces before starting finishes.  If you stitch around edges before leaving home, whipping edges becomes a perfect activity while on the road.

--As I am a caregiver during my time in Vermont, I cannot leave the house easily.  If you are vacationing, however, think about stopping by art venues, enjoying public art or practicing your drawing skills by doing some sketches of places you are visiting. 

Though I am most interested in creating art, there are many other aspects of life which lead to ideas for my artwork.  Take a break from the studio, hit the road and have a great day.

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