Saturday, August 30, 2014


Rug Hooking Magazine's latest issue really grabbed my attention.  The focus was on rug hooking as art and the magazine certainly delivered.  Those who do not see rug hooking in this vein should purchase this issue which will surely change their mind.

I skipped the wine as this issue was worthy of my favorite liqueur, Cointreau.

The issue starts with a look at adapting works of the masters in an article by Tamara Pavich. Who does not recall this in their studies of studio art?  Learning how the masters used color, light, paint strokes, composition etc. leads to an understanding of the process of making art.

The magazine continues with a look at contemporary artists who present a variety of styles. One commonality is these artists' pushing themselves and creating vibrant, creative and engaging works of art.

Leslie Giuliani wrote an article on the Modern Hooker.  Her mixed media-work, rugs and wall pieces bring an old craft into the art world of today.  Anne-Marie Littenberg's article on the human form contains both abstract and more realistic portrayals.  Anne-Marie also contributed an article on Rachelle LeBlanc's work.  LeBlanc's works are in their own category and to me have an etheral feel reminding me a bit of Andrea Kowch's works, one of my favorite painters.  Diane Krys writes on combining rug hooking and felting. showing work that would seem to be comfortable in both the high-end craft and fine art realms. 

I'm basically saying if you have any interest on the direction rug hooking is going today please buy this issue and enjoy all the artists and writers who contributed to it. The future of rug hooked work looks bright.

I returned to work on an as yet untitled piece inspired by the local Coat's thread company building.
in progress, as yet untitled,  Lori LaBerge  2014

I finished the hooking and am working on the area that will wrap around the large bobbins. A brown with blue upholstery fabric was chosen for the edges.  Stitching will be done with various colors which are in the hooked work.

At the sewing machine adding pink stripes to the upholstery fabric.

On the studio work table.  Thread spools will be stitched to the hooked work.  Here, placement is being decided.  I also have whipped edges to complete along with determining how the upholstery will be attached to the large bobbins.  Construction is always a challenge.

Look into the directions your favorite art form is headed, search out how construction of that process works and have a great day. 


  1. The cover artist, Rachelle LeBlanc, is one of my favorite artists. She combines my two loves, watercolor painting and rug hooking. Her workshop class is one of my all time favorites. Now all I need is some free time.

    1. Cindi,
      Thank you for reading my blog. Hope you find the free time. Rachelle's work is just wonderful!

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