Saturday, August 2, 2014


"Tunnels"  9" x 13",  Lori LaBerge  2014

While time is short during these few weeks away, I am managing to continue the work on some smaller pieces.  In "Tunnels", a natural wool dyed with green and yellow provided color against a background of grays.  I went for a blue gray for part of the background as it showed off the green better than a pure gray did and provided a medium value.

"Tunnels" uses lamp parts and chain stitched onto the hooked area.  I was lucky enough to have these parts with me in the box full of metal objects brought from the studio.  I did not, however, bring all my tools.  I ended up borrowing pliers from my father's workshop. That may mean I owe him a Martini.  This piece will be whip-finished back at the studio when I arrive home.  Once whipped, mounted and framed it should look something like this:

"Tunnels"  mock-up frame sample,  Lori LaBerge  2014

Photoshop provides an easy way to play with colors and see how a piece will look when framed.  The dark gray line edging the hooked section is the color of the yarn that will be used to whip the edge.  The mat, which will be gray wool, complements the gray background of the piece and the gold edge takes the color of the metal parts used.  It is a sophisticated look for the work and follows the format used for this series.

I love hearing or reading stories from people who knew or currently know famous artists. I'm always intrigued to hear about their personalities.  Were they fun, serious, spontaneous, introverted, a workaholic?  There are so many different ways in which artists approach their work.  Katherine Kuh wrote " My Love Affair With Modern Art: Behind the Scenes with a Legendary Curator".  The book was edited and completed by Avis Berman as Kuh died before she was finished.  

Kuh owned a gallery.  She bought Kandinsky paintings at auction for $5 and $10, the auctioneer unaware of the works he was selling.  Leger, Klee, Adams, Miro and both Albers were among the acquaintances whose work she showed.  She wished to be a pioneer and show work not yet accepted in the mainstream.  I'm looking forward to settling on the couch in the evening and reading away.

Search out the pioneers in the art field, not just artists, but those who supported them or showed their work and have a great day.

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