Saturday, September 6, 2014


Multiple projects were happening in the studio this week along with bookkeeping, ordering boxes in order to pack work for shipment and delivering work to galleries.

While relaxing with a design magazine early in the week, I saw a grouping of six artworks placed together in a living room setting.  I loved the idea of the grouping and decided to proceed with a group of six rug hooked works using the road series I've been working on.

I designed the first of the six and decided on what colors to use.  This grouping of the road series will include more texture along with the planned gray and metal I've been using in the series.  There will be grays, orange-golds, white and a patterned upholstery fabric.

A line of dark turquoise is placed among the upholstery fabric hooked into the center. I love the way the upholstery frays as it is cut and hooked, adding another dimension to the work. Metal will be placed on top of the fabric.  Each piece in the grouping will measure 9 x 13 hooked and 13 X 17 mounted and framed. 

These will be perfect size for showing at the Carolina Designer Craftsmen show in November as I already have some larger pieces made.  Please check out their website as they have just redesigned it.  You can go here, scroll down and see all the artists who will be exhibiting in this year's show.

"Thread Factory" is on the work table in the completion stages now.  I have the edges wrapped around the spools and will head out today to find a piece of wood to place across the bottom.  The wood will be stained and the spools will be screwed to it so the hooked work is held taut.

I headed into the great outdoors this week to figure out a new set-up for hooking plein air. Linen was placed in a quilt hoop and the hoop was attached to a display easel I had in storage.  The easel shown is set up for standing while hooking.  If I decide to sit all that needs to be done is to tie the hoop lower on the easel.  The tray allows a place to set my hook and scissors.  I am looking for a container to attach to the tray to hold wool strips while I work.
Here is a closer view of how the linen and frame were tied to the easel.  I tested it out and it worked fine.  I'm also eyeing a new easel where the work can be turned as you hook which would be great.

When looking through magazines, I tend to look for how work is displayed.  Look out for groupings of artworks, shapes of works, framing and other aspects that add to the presentation of artwork and have a great day.

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