Saturday, October 18, 2014


 I was hanging halfway out the window to get this shot of a fire hydrant sculpture as we drove through Shelburne, Vermont.  I've photographed it before but still love it!

I am up in Vermont and had the chance to see the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild's show on Wednesday.  Here are a few of the many pieces I saw with a short mention of why they attracted my eye.  There were some lighting issues with the camera shots, so some of the works may not be accurate in coloring.

Close-up of a portion of "Just Around the Bend" by Rae Harrell
This piece is all about color and movement.  Pure joy!  I like the black and white sections mixed among the bright colors.

"Ship Figurehead" by Dale Young-Wheeler
This reminded me of the days my parents took me to Shelburne Museum when I was a child.  I always loved the building that held the figureheads from ships.  They look so majestic.  It just brought back great memories.

"Passion" by Kris McDermott
The combination of rug hooking and braiding is extremely well executed in this piece.  It just brings out creativity and makes me want to try something new.

Close-up of "Words of Wisdom" by Emmy Robertson
The lettering on this was crisp and clear and the sayings on it make one think.  Anyone who rug hooks can appreciate the time that went into all that lettering.

"Guardian" by Jennifer Davey
The eyes on this are piercing, yet the greenery and florals around the face give a softer feel to it making one feel safe.  The name fits the piece.  

"Gee Raff--Eye See You II"  by Cyndy Duade
I really felt emotion from this.  There is a sadness to the eye that really hit me.

"Two Faces" by Donna Lee Boudoins
Are these two different people or two sides of the same person?  The piece just brought out questions for me.

"Abstract Ottoman 2"  by Mary Lee O'Connor
My feet would be quite happy if I had this ottoman in my living room.

"For All We Have Under the Sky"  by Sue Burton-Kelly
This cheerful seaside scene reminded me of summer vacations on the coast.  The figures look as if they are jumping for joy.

Section of "Birches II" by Jen LaVoie
I just wanted to be in this scene when I saw it.  I like how the shadows on the bottom act as a pathway into the rest of the artwork. 

"Aries Woman" by Mariah Krauss
There is a real glow to this work.  I get the feeling of wires and electricity running through this piece and bringing it to life.  Mesmerizing.

"Vaulting I York Minster"  by Roslyn Logsdon
The lines, the arcs, the patterns, the shadows.  Architectural features turned into art.

"Solitude" by Karen Miller
I like the mixed-media in this work. It is as if you are sitting in your favorite chair with a cup of coffee looking out your window with a fantastic view of the water.  A calming piece.

"Three Graces" by Rachelle LaBlanc
I kept going back to look at this piece.  It has an angelic, etheral quality.  There is a delicacy and innocence, yet I kept thinking maybe they are sharing a secret the viewer doesn't know about.  A peaceful simplicity with a storytelling effect.

"Butterflies are Free"  by Peg Irish
This piece actually waves (you can get a sense of this in the shadow) bringing the feeling of flight to the depicted butterflies.  The top butterflies extend beyond the border of the work giving the viewer the sense of their flying away.

"Lady of the Lake" by Sandra Grant
Lots of texture as if this bird has had his/her feathers ruffled a bit while catching that fish.  The textures pop out quite a ways from the background giving a real sense of roundness to the bird.

"Andy's Barn"  by Natacha Liuzzi
Just loved the colors and the depiction of the vertical and horizontal aspects of the barn siding against the rolling look of the land and sky.

We are all different and various things draw us to certain pieces of art.  Color? Texture? Emotion?  Memories?  Next time you view a piece of art try to find what drew you to it and have a great day.


  1. What a fantastic show that must have been, with these stunning highlights. Thank you for sharing!

    1. You're welcome, Maureen. Had a great time there.

  2. Thank you so much for these photos and comments Lori! I am a huge fan of rug hooking. I do some myself, but not nearly as much as I should. (The Internet and Life keep getting in the way!) I attended this event once and wish I could every year. Sadly, health problems make it difficult for me to make plans in advance. Being able to be there through the Internet helps so much!

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. It was a wonderful show. The internet does allow us to see some things we may never have had the chance to otherwise. Take care of your health.