Saturday, November 22, 2014


Works lined up in studio awaiting framing.

This week has been full of finishing work and preparing items needed for the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild show next weekend.  The works above have been mounted, but I often leave pieces unframed until they are going to a show, exhibit or gallery.  This tends to leave them available in the studio/gallery for people coming in who may want a piece left unframed.  Interior designers also like to look at pieces unframed so they can choose a frame which fits the decor they are working on.

Work placed in booth display.

One of my other jobs this week was to decide on the placement of work in the booth.  I always do this ahead so when I unpack work at the show set-up I know exactly where each piece will go.  I thought the booth looked a bit spare, so I am going to include another table in the left corner that will hold some smaller 8 X 10 works.  I will now have to pack all the work in boxes, dismantle the setup, pack booth parts and place everything in the show trailer for transport to the show.  

And in my spare time...

Since the day was spent prepping, my evenings were spent deciding on a new series of work.  All the works will be 3 feet by 5 feet and I have rough designs of about six of them right now.  

Series design ideas pinned on studio wall.

The best way for me to work on a grouping is to pin up ideas on the wall.  This way I am constantly glancing at them as I work on other things in the studio.  I can also sit and see how they work together and where changes will need to be made.  At this point I am not contemplating what type of materials will be used in the piece, only design aspects.

 Working on the floor.

From my days in art studio classes in college, I have always worked larger designs by forming squares on backing material and drawing free hand. This works for me and brings back great memories of  creating murals with my old art classmates. There may be other methods such as projectors, tracing, etc. that work for you. 

I broke up the 3 X 5 foot space on the monk's cloth into 15 squares using a ruler and pencil.  The design photo was divided into the same amount of squares.  I then drew what was in the square on the design photo onto the same square on the monk's cloth.    

 Design in progress.

I used a wall for my ideas, if a wall is not available, you can use a bulletin board. I used to use a large old piece of cardboard and place drawings and magazine cut-outs on it with push ins.  The idea is to create a space larger than a notebook, a space where you can look at all your inspirations at once and have a chance to study them.

There will be no post next week due to show weekend.  Enjoy exploring your passions and have a great day.

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