Saturday, November 15, 2014


It's the time of year to dig out the boxes and determine what the booth set-up will be like for this years Carolina Designer Craftsmen show.

Propanel boxes removed from storage.

It may be just me, but I find if work needs to hang it just does not show well with the piping and curtains that are provided by show promoters.  High end shows can cost anywhere from $500 - thousands of dollars for a 10 X 10 space.  Your work should be shown to its best advantage.  

Unless you are at a show that provides preset white walls, I have found  ProPanels to be the way to go.  They are easy to set up, come in a variety of colors and the company offers a variety of options for add-ons such as shelving, lights, desks, etc.

The lower section of ProPanels being set up.

I used the gallery area to do a sample set up.  I do this before each show to make sure I have all the pieces available and everything is in working order.  Yes, it takes time, but it makes the set up at the show that much quicker and easier. 

 Upper section set up.

I have been assigned a different booth space this year and will have some space behind the booth that I can use for storage.  This led to working out a different design than I normally use.  I planned the set up with the panels at the back of the booth coming out toward the center to allow for storage for boxes and packing material behind them.  I also placed a shelf on either side of the entrance for business cards and artist information to be placed on.

Since I have been working with gray pieces this year that will be placed on a gray background I was a little worried about how the work would show.  I hung one of the pieces from a panel and found it looks really good and has a sophisticated feel to it. 

 Lighting attached to bar above.

Don't skimp on lighting.  You can really never have enough.  Every corner of the booth should be well lit so people can see the work well.  Lowe's and Home Depot carry sets that work well or ProPanels now carries lighting.  You can use track or clip on.  I use track and remove the lights from the track for transport.  Pack the lights carefully.  I kept the original boxes and pack them fairly tight in a larger box to prevent motion during the drive. Lighting can easily be adjusted during show set-up. Make sure lighting is set up so it does not shine in people's eyes as they approach your booth. 

Rods bracing top of booth with lighting attached.  I know this photo is a bit confusing as the garage door opener is above the booth lights.

This book was ordered a while back, after I found some of Evelyn Ackerman's work available at an auction house.  It was not supposed to be shipped until December or January.  It arrived this week which was perfect as I was sick with a cold and there is nothing like snuggling with a good book when not feeling well.  I was interested because Evelyn Ackerman experimented with rug hooking for a while.  

Along with photos of her wall hangings, there are photos of her colored pencil sketches and color choices.  This made me think about being a bit more aware of documenting a series of work I have planned for next year.  This may include filing photos, notes, sketches, thoughts as I work on each piece, why each piece was included, etc.  Something to think about.

I also received my Architectural Digest this week and loved the cover text "Celebrate Art".  I love viewing art in home environments and this satisfied my craving. 

I will be teaching the class "A Creative Approach to Working in a Series" at Sauder Village in Ohio in August of 2015.  Information can be found here.   

Decide how you will celebrate art this week and have a great day.  

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