Saturday, November 8, 2014


It certainly feels good to be off the road and back in the studio.  I am enjoying preparing pieces for the upcoming Carolina Designer Craftsmen Show and soon it will be time to clean up the studio for  the Toe River Studio Tour.  It is a busy time for the arts.
Tour Catalog for the Toe River Studio Tour- December 2014

I opened an e-mail recently and was surprised and pleased to see my rug hooked work "Parallel" on the cover of this year's Studio Tour Catalog alongside four other artists' work. The Toe River Studio Tour happens twice a year and the holiday tour will take place from December 5-7. 

It is a great chance to see artists in their studio.  If you are anything like me you enjoy seeing the materials used, how the artists studios are set up and buying art made by an artist's hand. There are some talented and dedicated artists and craftsmen in our area, so if you are around please take a chance to visit.

"The Flight Home"  10 X 21,  Lori LaBerge  2014

I worked on completing "The Flight Home" this week.  Here is some of the process:

On the work table after being hooked.  At this point, various yarns were looked at to add interest to the four rectangular areas.  I decided on a rust/orange/green mixed yarn along with a plain rust to hook into the gold sections and a dark purple to hook into the lilac sections.  One or two loops of color were used to resemble birds flying along migration routes.

Washers and metal beads were painted.  I played around with their placement until it worked visually.  It is a good idea when doing this to take a photo of the decision on final placement to refer to when stitching pieces on.  It can be easy to forget the original placement of each piece as when one piece is being stitched on the others tend to shift and fall out of place. 

Chain was adjusted for length, attached to washers and stitched to the nest area.  Regular readers may notice how this differs from the original plan of a stripe across the section below the nest.  As I was hooking, I felt that the stripe might be more of a distraction, detracting from the nest area.  The idea of chains lent itself to the thought of birds flying from the nest while those unhatched still remained inside the nest.

Close-up of left side of piece.

Look for studio tours or holiday art events coming up in your area and have a great day.

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