Saturday, December 27, 2014


In August, I will be teaching a class entitled "A Creative Approach to Working in a Series" at Sauder Village in Ohio.  I have never been to Sauder Village and am looking forward to meeting old and new friends.  Please think about joining us. Information on the class can be found here.  

Those signing up have been asked to bring photos and/or thoughts of various subjects that interest them.  Having a group of written thoughts or photos to look at can help lead to a theme to explore.  We all have many interests and the class will help artists focus on creating a cohesive series. 

In my latest series (the first piece is still in progress), I chose to focus on windows in abandoned and dilapidated buildings. This focus meant having to search out buildings no longer in use.  Grabbing the camera and hopping in the Jeep with my husband made for a great day.  A ride through the mountains was all it took to find the start of ideas for my project.

My favorite part of starting a new series is the research.  It is a time to reflect and think about the things that really interest me, think about why they interest me and decide what I can learn by focusing on a specific subject.We came across this old building for sale and I just had to pull over to take a closer look.  It appeared to have been an old school or summer camp at one time.

I love the "For Sale" sign over the windows and am thinking about incorporating it into a design.

The combination of small and large windows on and above the door draw interest.  I'm also loving the old stairs.

  This is the back of the building.  The windows have all been boarded up giving me the idea of a partially boarded up window as a possible design.

Though not a window, I like the arch and the stonework framing it.  Since my plan is to use actual windows and not imagined ones, more research in other areas may lead to an arched window I could use.

There was quite a bit of shrubbery covering the view of some of the windows.  This could easily be brought into a design.

A great grouping of six windows.  The variety of broken windows in the top section grabbed my attention along with the crooked and deteriorating framework.  

Don't forget to look at your subject from various angles.  Do you want straight on, left side view or right side view?  Maybe an aerial view or view from the ground up would give a better design.  Look at all your options.

This photo led to the design currently in progress in the studio.  I love the angle, the way two of the glass panels in the upper section are missing, the shadow of the tree on the window and the greenery of the tree up above.  Remember that the whole photo does not have to be used for design purposes.  Perhaps narrowing it down to one section would make for a better design.

This photo led to thinking about including the view inside in a design.

Love this photo.  The stonework, the greenery, and the worn window panes and broken sections.  I also like the horizontal line under the windows contrasting with the vertical tree growing upward and thicker vertical wood separating the window sections.

Enjoy the research process, study your subject from all angles and have a great day.  There will be no post next week. Have a Happy New Year!

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