Saturday, January 31, 2015


Work is still continuing on "Broken Glass".  Here is how the week went as far as hooking.

"Broken Glass" in progress, Lori LaBerge 2015
I started filling in the outlines hooked last week on the lower blue areas.  The blue here is slightly grayer than the blue above it.

Outlines were filled in on rest of the left hand side, then on right hand side.  I ran short on the blue-gray wool being used and decided to add a different shade rather than dye up a perfect match.  There were shadows and reflections all over the actual window and various shades work better to depict this.  

 I moved on to the upper right hand side and added a medium and dark green.  The upper dark corner will balance out more of the black that will be added in the lower half of the piece.  Sometimes a little can do a lot.

It is hard to see here, but more light blues were added on the left.  They don't show up well against the white monk's cloth.  The piece is coming together and I'm getting excited about seeing it done.

Here is where the piece is at now.

I only have five more full days before surgery and I don't think I'll be able to complete "Broken Glass" in time, though I'll give it a good shot.  I've been told I'll have one week total bed rest and up to one year for my hand to fully recover.  Here is my plan for the week of bed rest:

 A little fiction, a few workbook exercises, some non-fiction, plenty of painkillers (not shown) and dreams of Pinot Grigrio as soon as that is a possibility.

As many of you know, artists on Facebook have been participating in a challenge to post 3 photos for each of 5 days, along with nominating other artists to do the same.  I have been really enjoying all the work created by everyone.  I was nominated by textile artist Susan Feller.  Susan creates contemporary work and also has an interest in Fraktur Folk Art.  You can read about Susan here

I wanted to choose artists from different fields so the artists I have nominated so far along with links to their websites are:

Kathleen Turczyn-  Kathleen is a painter creating beautiful landscape scenes as well as portraits and animals. Her new website is still under construction, but you can get to the gallery pages.  

Louise Oppenheimer-  Louise is a tapestry artist.  My husband and I purchased one of her works on our trip to Scotland.  She has a distinctive style that portrays the nature around her beautifully.

Alicia Keshishian-  Alicia is a rug designer and color expert.  I met Alicia when she was an instructor at Penland.  Working with her to design a rug for our home was a wonderful experience. 

Simona Rosasco-  Simona is a glass artist.  She creates both functional and decorative glass art.  Her work first caught my eye a while back due to the use of stripes (we all know I love those!) in some of her pieces.

I may not be posting for a couple of weeks, depending on how recovery goes.  Enjoy exploring art on social media, participate in challenges if you'd like to and have a great day.

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