Saturday, January 17, 2015


"Missing Glass" in progress,  3 feet by 5 feet, Lori LaBerge  2015

The latest piece has finally received a title.  I had to think about what really drew me to take the photo of this old window in the first place and it was the two missing glass sections. Most of the abstract pieces I work out in my head start with a title from which the idea develops. Pieces I work out from photos or actual things that I have seen tend to be titled after the piece has started.  Not sure why this is. Possibly because, for the latter, the visual is already there ready to work on rather than imagined.

"Missing Glass", close-up in progress,  Lori LaBerge  2015

Larger pieces can be a bit overwhelming at times.  I like to break them down into sections and then each section gets broken down as it is being hooked.  The majority of this work is done in a meandering manner which allows me to set up the outlines and then fill them in making each section seem to move along faster and giving me a solid idea of how the color fits in with the overall work.

Section of new gallery set-up

This week was also filled with moving the gallery section of the studio.  I have downsized the area for winter.  Older works had been hanging in the work section, but since this is the area people enter first it is in the process of being updated to show the direction my work is currently going in.
I have been thinking about making a light table since finding out about needing hand surgery.  I will be slowing down and anything that will help to speed things up is welcome. The workshop section of the studio/workshop/ gallery is done so my husband and I went out to buy the materials this week.  Here is how the project progressed:

A box section was pieced together and self-adhesive super bright led light strips were attached to the bottom of the box.  We used thin wood for the bottom and 3/4 inch wood for the sides.  The box measures 30" X 36" to fit the measurement of the glass and acrylic for the top.

A hole was drilled into one side edge for the lighting.

Metal L-bars were cut to size and spray painted. 

Glass and acrylic were placed on top and the L-bars were screwed into the sides.  Here it is lit up and ready to go.  There is even a remote control for the lighting.

We all face adversity at one time or another.  If slowing down is an option, enjoy the time to relax.  If it is not an option, think of how you can make things easier on yourself and have a great day.

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