Saturday, January 10, 2015


As yet untitled work in progress, 3 feet x 5 feet,  Lori LaBerge,  2015

The holidays are over and I finally returned to the studio this past Wednesday.  The window piece is starting to take on some character and I can see the direction it is going in.  I'm still debating on whether the darker green spots placed in the turquoise are working or not.  I don't like to pull things out too early so I'm still waiting on this one.  This also gives me time to think of possible options, rather than rushing.

Though there is plenty of wool on the shelves of the studio, there was no light blue, so it was time to hit the dye pot.

Here you can see the light blue middle left.  I used the lightest shade in the formula and halved it. A more mottled blue was also dyed.  These two values of wool will be hooked together in the areas requiring a light blue to add variation.

More color placement was done.  The mint green is brighter in reality than the photo shows. It is a color that will add a little punch to the work along with the red.  I also wanted to see if the blacks were going to balance out o.k. and they will work out perfect.

Another piece in the Road Series was planned out this week.  The focus of this work is the mountain roads.  I also thought of the reflection of the mountains in local lakes and added this to the design with the reflections being offset in the lower half. Chain and metal will hang from the top.  The bottom right shows my list of the order that the gray background will be hooked in.

The gray wool was laid out on the studio table and various strips were chosen. Darker strips were chosen to show up on the light grays and lighter strips to be hooked against the dark grays.  I'm thinking of hooking the triangles vertically to contrast with the horizontal gray stripes which will be hooked randomly.

Almost everyone that came to the studio tour in December mentioned how neat and clean the studio was with everything in its place.  Needless to say, the tour is over and I couldn't resist taking this photo.   The dye table is once again in work mode. There is always chaos before calm in this workplace.

When designing and hooking, focus on your work, forget about the mess being made in the process and have a great day.

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