Saturday, January 24, 2015


Studio desk, messy and productive

The countdown to wrist surgery has begun and I"m dividing up "Missing Glass", a 36" X 60" piece, to see if I will be able to complete the hooking process before the surgery date of February 6.  That gives me 13 days (as I write this).  If the unhooked sections are divided into 13 parts there are some full days of hooking and dyeing ahead.  

  Upper section of "Missing Glass",  36" X 60", Lori LaBerge  2015

This week the upper section was filled in with three light greens: a value 1 spot, a value 3 spot and a solid. A medium green will go above that on the diagonal and a dark green in the upper corner.

Close-up of "Missing Glass"

New frame sitting in the workshop waiting for stain to dry.

Pete and I are working on creating various size frames for hooking with an easel. This is the third Pete has put together for me.

Happy in the studio with a rug punch.  No make-up and serious expression.  I have priorities.

One of the new frames was put to use this week.  "Mountain Reflections", a 20" X 20" work, was started.  The reason for starting this piece while still working on the larger one is to practice rug punching with my left hand to be ready to work after surgery. Trying to use a hook solely with my left hand just was not working out.  I'm still working on inserting the wool into the punch needle with left hand only.

The operation I will be having is called a proximal row carpectomy.  Three bones in my right wrist will be removed due to a completely torn ligament and bone rubbing against bone, which is pretty painful right now.  I will end up with limited movement but no pain.  I'll see how recovery goes.

I have never punch hooked before, other than a quick practice round with Melina White at the Green Mountain Rug Show, and found it quite simple to adjust to with my right hand. When I switched to practice with my left it only took a few minutes to get used to it.  Looking forward to working in a new way.  This is the Oxford punch needle created by Amy Oxford.

Textileartist .org has a good article on the mind-set of professionals here.  It mentions adversity and determination.  You may have to change the way you do things, but you can be creative no matter what.  Don't let anything stop you.

Give rug punching or other rug techniques (braiding, shirring, standing wool, proddy, etc.) a try and have a great day.


  1. Good luck with your surgery Lori. Take care and heal well.

    1. Thank you so much. I'm sure being surrounded by wool will keep me warm and happy no matter what.