Thursday, February 5, 2015


One last post before I'm off for two weeks:

What could this be for?

 I am figuring out ways to continue working with only my left hand.  The actual punching is not bad, but threading the punch became a dilemma.  I hammered a nail through a piece of wood to set the punch on top of. This allows the punch to remain stationary so I can thread it with my left hand.  Much better! 

Here is the result of rug punching practice.  The loops will need slight adjusting but it is going fairly well so far.

I wanted to get some new designs for the "Road Series" on linen this week.  The two items above led to two different designs.

"City Block", design process, Lori LaBerge  2015

The doorplate inspired this design.  A friend I used to visit in college had a wonderful old doorplate on her city home, so with this memory in mind I knew where the design was going. There is something beautiful about the sparkle and glow of never ending rows of windows lit up throughout the city.  I did not want the windows to be symmetrical, they needed to be slightly off.  A half window on the far left and at the bottom create balance without matching the other windows.  The actual doorplate will be placed in the rectangle on the left.

   "Detour", design process, Lori Laberge  2015

The washer pictured earlier will go in the middle of the upper area of this design. We seem to have constant road construction on our main highway.  There are detours, delays and endless orange barrels.  This design includes a line through where the washer will go as a signal not to enter and a small and large orange barrel.  Again, the design is slightly off with the large rectangle further to the left than the right.  Color will also be used to create balance in this piece.

"Broken Glass" in progress,  Lori LaBerge  2015

I have finally had to admit to myself that the turquoise green in the upper section of "Broken Glass" was not working.  I was finding it just too boring.  Brighter blue was used to randomly outline, dark green pieces of yarn were hooked in, but it just was not helping the piece come together. The turquoise green value blends in too closely with the blue next to it. The decision to change it to a darker value has been made.  The contrast will create a better overall feel for the work.  The new value will be slightly lighter than the dark green piece of wool lying on top of the work in the above photo.

I also dyed over a blue plaid.  This wool will be hooked in with the black, brown and other dark values going into the bottom section of "Broken Glass".

Find what inspires you to create new designs, never be afraid to admit that change may need to be made and have a great day.


  1. The picture of the nail through the piece of wood is like one I have and I use it to hold a tube of cotton thread erect when winding a warp for my weaving loom.

    1. It's amazing how such a simple tool can work for so many different things. Hope your weaving is going well!