Saturday, April 18, 2015


Susan Feller leads the way during a woodland walk to a local waterfall at "Retreat in the Mountains 2015".

A wonderful weekend of education, hooking, laughter and music was had by all.

Here are some of the rugs seen during the Sunday "Throwdown", where we place rugs on the porch for all to see.

Partial shot of rug being worked on by Elaine Montambeau.  The colors pop against the neutral blue-grays.  3-D flowers add to the beauty.

Close-up of Keri Sue Brunk's geometric.  Note the variation of hooking in alternating circles that she incorporated.  Colors are a dream.

This rug hooked by Liz Gordon shows her love of folk art.  Lots of neutrals in this with a wonderful pop of turquoise.

Beth Tembo was working on this piece last year and now we get to see the completed work.  The contrasting geometric design on the sides compliments the piece nicely.  Special thanks to Beth for helping me out with our weaving session.  Never would have completed my little 4 x 4 square without her help.

Deb Smith, editor of Rug Hooking Magazine, brought along this work to show.  It has a beautiful crocheted edging she explained to us over the weekend.  Note the sparseness of this piece with the subtle snowflakes in the background.

Deb also explained the dye process for the beautiful mix of color in the background of this piece. (Partial photo of work)

Karen Larsen was working on some Koi fish.  This shot gives a good idea of how the blue background on the top will show up against the motifs in the rug.  The blues will show off the fish beautifully.

Geometric hooked by Nancy Parcels.  The unexpected pop of bright yellow Nancy added brings life and a contemporary feel to this traditional design.   

  Part of Susan Feller's year long study.  She has been experimenting with different fiber techniques and creating a square a day for 365 days.  All twelve months will be on display at Sauder Village Rug Week this August.

Tracy Granger's geometric hooking.  Orange is my favorite color and it mixes great with the turquoise blues in this piece.  Beautiful color changes while still keeping the piece balanced.

 Jen Pelton joined us this year and brought along her little chick.  She added real chicken feathers in the chick itself, a shag effect with wool strips for the upper section of bedding and traditional hooking.  Definitely a chick with attitude.

Shirley Hairston is creating a large spiral rug and the photo above is just the beginning.  Looking forward to seeing this one completed.  It takes careful choosing of colors and values to make such a large piece come together.

I'm already looking forward to next year to see what members of this group will be working on, sharing, and creating throughout the year.

Check out more information on the activities we participated in over the weekend by reading Susan Feller's blog here and have a great day.


  1. Lori, great job showing the throw down rugs. I love the close ups. Such fun in WV and I can't wait til next year!

  2. I live all of these and would love to know where to purchase the pattern for the one shown just between the crow/ornament and the koi fish. Thanks.

    1. It is a Roche Riverhouse design. She is on Facebook and you can message her there for a catalog. She is working on a website. Hope this helps.

  3. where can I purchase the crow/ornament pattern?

    1. The pattern is not available. It was used with special permission from the original artist. More about this work can be found on Page 66 of Rug Hooking Magazine's November/December issue.

  4. How may I reach Deb regarding her design. It is the picture of a partial design comment made was regarding mix of color of background