Saturday, April 4, 2015


Pete and I took the time to visit the Toe River Arts Council Blacksmith Exhibit  this week in Spruce Pine, NC.  The exhibit runs from March 28-April 25.  The council puts on some great shows and the displays are always well done.  

The exhibit is in conjunction with the annual "Fire on the Mountain" blacksmith festival to be held April 25 from 10-4 in downtown Spruce Pine.  

Here's a look at some of the works in the show.  Website links when available.

"Shop Silhouette" , Rebecca Snavely,  forged steel

Everything about this piece says freedom to me.  Makes me just want to fly away.

Forged Kitchen Utensils,  Andrew Dohner,  steel with oil finish

A great conversation piece for any kitchen area.  I really like the shape of the hanger and how the middle utensil hangs longer than the two sides.  Art while I cook, yes!

Door Pulls, Paige Davis, forged steel

The rough look of the steel goes well with the display of these.  I would definitely hang these on my wall as an art piece.

"Lost in the City",  John Winer, mild steel

This one really grabbed me.  I saw this as the city in the background, the street light overhead in the front and a figure down below.  The levels of each attracted me in their relation to each other.  If I purchased this I would place it near my "City Crossing" wall piece.  They would look great together.

Arts and Crafts Style Door Knockers,  Matthew Clark, steel and copper

We have a timber frame home and these would definitely fit that style.  The mix of steel and copper add a lot of interest to these works.

"Eight Plate",  James Viste, forged steel

It is hard to tell in the photo, but this piece looks just like leather with stitching.  I kept going back to it to figure out how the artist achieved that look with steel.

"Me and You",  John Winer, mild steel

Lots of twists and turns.  I could definitely relate to the title of the work and its sensuous feel.

"The Pollinator", Jeff McDowell, mild steel

This railing would definitely attract attention from anyone using it.  The honeycomb design around the bee and the way that section waves rather than following the straight angle of the rail is wonderful.

Flame Candle Holders, William S. Rogers, forged steel and copper repousse

I've always wanted a fire pit and these remind me of one's own personal fire pits in the house.  They have an emotional feel for me.

 "Thoughts on Dali", Bill Brown, forged steel

I liked everything about this piece.  The elongation of the legs, the saddle, rider and horse done abstractly yet clearly identifiable.  Definitely reminiscent of Dali's Don Quixote sketch, yet a piece unto its own.

I find metal work fascinating and love seeing it combined with fiber art in a home setting.  Think about the combinations you love and have a great day.  No blog post next week as I will be on the road.  Yes, I will be rug hooking!

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