Saturday, May 30, 2015


"Coleus II" in progress  8" x 25", Lori LaBerge  2015

This week I started the hooking process on a piece created from an outdoor sketch. Notes were taken on weather conditions, temperature, light and shadow, color and other aspects of the surrounding area.  When studying the notes in the studio, the decision was made to take some liberties with the colors to give the work a more dramatic feel.  Maroon and burgundy hues were changed to brighter pinks and a light green leaf was changed to an off-white mix.

There is an overall planned composition to this work, which was done in the sketching phase and transferred onto the linen backing.  I decided to do this after reviewing the composition practices of some of the master painters.  They used quite a lot of geometry in planning out their works and took time doing this before starting the painting process.

There is a diagonal line that follows vertically through the piece.  The line starts in the upper left touching the top of the larger leaf.  It than continues down to where the center of the large vein ends.  The line then touches the edge of  the bright pink leaf on the left hand side.  It continues down past the left bottom edge of the white leaf toward the bottom of the right hand side.  The diagonal line gives movement to the work as the eye looks through it.

The piece is divided into thirds vertically.  The left vertical line touches the edge of a leaf not hooked yet, follows to the top edge of the larger colorful leaf, touches the left edge of the white leaf and the edge of part of the greenery below.

The right line again touched the edge of part of the work not hooked yet, hits the edge of part of the vein of the larger leaf continuing toward the edge of the right dark vein in the white leaf and on toward the edge of one of the green sections below.

The piece is also divided into five sections horizontally.  The top of the colorful leaf hits on the first line.  The bottom of the right hand side of the colorful leaf and the edge of the dark green/black on the left side hit on the second line.  The third line hits on the bottom of the purple section on the left and the bottom of the white section on the right.  The final line hits on the bottom of a section of the purple on the right and the bottom of the white leaf.

Study the composition of artwork you see, take time to think about placement of objects in the design phase of work and have a great day.

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