Saturday, May 16, 2015


"The Climb"  14" x 14"  (18" x 18" mounted and framed) Lori LaBerge  2015

Table Rock and Wiseman's View are two of our favorite spots here in North Carolina and we packed a picnic and headed out to Table Rock this week.  We ran into a couple who were preparing their equipment for rock climbing and that led to designing "The Climb" as part of the Parkway Series.  I kept an eye out for the various colors around us as we walked the trails.  There were purples, yellows, oranges and a large variety of greens.  We had a wonderful day and I got some work done at the same time!

When I moved into the new studio a while back, I had misplaced a few items.  I was quite happy to find my container full of vintage Putnam Dyes.

  Look at that price tag on the lower left of the front of the dye packet.  15 cents.

Back of dye packet

I think about the Biltmore Estate here in North Carolina every time I see these as there is a Putnam Dye cabinet used to hold the dye packets in the laundry room area.  Putnam Fadeless Dyes started as Monroe Drug Company.  The company hired a pharmacist who was interested in creating a dye for a variety of fabrics and the company converted to a dye company.  You can read about the fascinating history of the company here.  There is a guide to the Biltmore house you can scroll through at Romantic Asheville.

I received the book above from my daughter for Mother's Day.  There are wonderful quotes from Plato, Joseph Campbell and many others.  The photos are great inspiration for dyeing.  The book speaks of shapes and patterns and how they connect us to the world. 

Notice all the patterns around you, both natural and man-made, and have a great day.

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