Saturday, May 9, 2015


"Missing Windows" in progress  36" x 60", Lori LaBerge  2015

The majority of the week was filled with paperwork.  There was writing up information for the Plein Air group exhibit at Sauder, accounting, filling out forms, keeping up with inventory, preparing photos, continuing to prepare for classes, ordering supplies and class items, etc.

As a result of this, I did not complete as much as I would have liked on "Missing Windows". I added some bright blues in with the lighter blue and will be making some small tweaks on some of the green sections later on.    

I like to be ahead of myself with projects and made a trip to the local yarn store for when I'm ready to start whipping the edges.  Unfortunately, some of the colors I used were not readily available.  I thought about dyeing yarn for the whipped edges, but don' t want a perfect match.  I will be writing some yarn companies for samples this coming week.

A look inside the studio.

A larger work is hard to see while you are working on it.  I decided to place a carpet strip on the wall to place the work on and get a better view.  Love it!  This really allows me to step back and look at the pieces overall effect. 

I also thought that since I am working on the windows of abandoned buildings, I would start working on some smaller pieces related to abandoned items in buildings.  These works are still in progress.  All will be on black fabric and later be screwed down through the linen onto a backing board.  I'm contemplating hooking around the edges of these.

This is an old single-gang cable outlet cover found at an architectural salvage shop. I am using the edges of cut linen that are often left after bigger projects.  I hooked a small square, spray painted it and placed the cover on top so part of the hooking shows behind it.   I love the way the paint has been scraped off of this over the years.

 An old door chain latch was used on this piece.  

The aged patina is great on this double gang cable outlet cover. 

Consider setting up a place where you can more easily view your larger work as it progresses ( a carpet strip can be attached to most any wall and a canvased artwork could easily cover it when not in use if need be) and have a great day.

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