Saturday, June 13, 2015


"Missing Windows"  36" x 60"  Lori LaBerge  2015

The hooking on "Missing Windows" was completed early this morning.  Finishing work will still need to be done.  As I usually pop in a movie when finishing a piece, I may have to look for a very long movie for this one.  It is the first in the "Forgotten Windows" series. 

While reading about signatures of tapestry artists in the 15th to 18th centuries, I kept thinking I wanted to do something different to sign the pieces in the window series.  I decided a door plate will be placed in the corner of each of the works.  The doorplate reminds me of entry to the buildings the windows are in as well as entry to the artwork itself.  The doorplate above still needs to be stitched to the hooking and signed with my signature. This will also be in keeping with the use of metal in my work. 

I also started reading a book on Frank Auerbach this week and am having a hard time putting it down.  His paintings of portraits and urban landscapes have always intrigued me as they are created with thick paint with a strong tactility and emotion to them.  The book goes into Auerbach's views on painting, on art schools, on his method of working, on advice to art students, along with many other views.

"Missing Windows' took me six months due to recovery from surgery and other pieces being worked on.  Enjoy the process, don't worry about the time it takes and have a great day. 

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