Saturday, August 1, 2015


I think those of us who are artists see inspiration everywhere.  We don't sit around waiting for it, we live it.  We look at things differently and don't have a tendency to pass things by.

We're on the road for the next couple of weeks.  Here are some photos of things that made me stop and think.

This tree was all alone in a field and had the oddest shape to it.  It just said to me "why be ordinary?"

A section of a bridge as we passed under it.  There are never ending geometric shapes in bridge designs.

A deserted hotel.  The sign says "Weekly and nightly rates".   Has anyone seen the movies "Vacancy' or "Identity"?  Enough said.  I would have stopped if we had time as there were not any no trespassing signs to be seen.  Why did it end up deserted?  Who once stayed there?

How often do you spot a tepee on the road?  Triangles and stripes are right up my alley.  What about the wood sections?  Could I begin to add wood to pieces?  

When we reached Ohio, we went on a boat ride to one of the islands.  Orange life vests were roped in overhead.  They added a bright spot of color to the gray vessel.  Nylon fabric, straps, buckles, zipper and snaps. What could be done with these materials in a hooked work?

The huge boat chain in the foreground drew my attention.  An art installation using large chain may be on a list of future challenges.

A local mural along the lakeside.  Love the tall ships and the shapes of the sails.

Never let the ordinary pass you by and have a great day!

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