Sunday, August 9, 2015


"Nesting"  14" X 19 1/2", Lori LaBerge  2015

It seems like we are finding more and more hornet nests around our property. They are up in the timbers of the porch and lower down in timbers under the deck. A walk in our woods cannot be made without seeing one.  

I used soft, pale colors in hooking the lighter portion of the nest above.  This will be surrounded on one side with dark brown and on the other with a bright green, which has also been brought into portions of the nest.  The browns and greens will create a woodland background.  This work is based on a smaller plein air piece and will be part of a 2016 landscape exhibit.

A good size nest under the deck.  We found this one when my husband bounced a basketball on the deck and hornets swarmed around him.

Here a variety of dark browns are being hooked around the off whites and pale colors of the nest.  The dark colors make the nest stand out.  A dark, bright blue was used for the entry to the nest.

"By the Pasture"  graphite sketch,  Lori LaBerge  2015

I've also been doing some sketching in preparation for next year's landscape exhibit. These will be used to create hooked pieces.  Since working in plein air, I've found myself doing quite a bit more sketching than usual. The black and white of graphite sketching is a great way to study values.  I would recommend purchasing a group of graphite pencils of various softness and hardness to create different types of lines and textures.  

When sketching I rarely use the whole page.  I often leave room around the sketch to allow for adding to it or cropping it for a pleasing composition.  In this sketch I have not yet added the dark values to distinguish the shadows and separate out the trees.

Enjoy sketching this summer and fall, treat yourself to some new drawing materials, and have a great day.

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