Saturday, September 12, 2015


Some of the paperwork for the group landscape show I was invited to participate in with three other artists arrived recently.  

The papers consisted of a cover letter including who to contact at the gallery if there are any questions, an exhibition contract describing what both the gallery and artist responsibilities for the exhibit will be and an exhibit check list with deadlines for aspects such as postcards, advertising, inventory list and artist biographical information to arrive at the gallery. 

If you are working on an exhibit, It is important to read everything received and ask questions if something is not clearly understood.  All of the galleries I have worked with have been well organized and helpful when it comes to this process.

I will need to prepare:
           1.  A minimum of 14 pieces
           2.  At least four works made specifically for pedestals
           3.  Pieces at various price ranges as works will be for sale during exhibit

This will entail:
           1.  Ordering supplies (wool, dyes, backing materials, framing materials, etc.)
           2.  Beginning studies on possible designs. 
           3.  Taking photographs of ideas for designs
           4.  Deciding what type of sculptural works to create                       

I have started going out and taking photos.  This past weekend we took a ride to Black Mountain, NC and I had my camera in tow.

There was a beautiful lake we walked around.  I like the foreground, the tree on the left and the way the foliage curves around the lake area in this photo.

 The lines of the branches under the bridge caught my eye.  I noticed after I cropped the photo that the curve fits in with my latest abstract geometric work.

 The strong verticals of these trees could make a strong composition.

Go out and enjoy the art exhibits being shown in your area, notice how the artists put the work together for show purposes and have a great day.

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