Saturday, September 5, 2015


I am spending quite a bit of time during the week preparing for a class on Plein Air Composition to be taught at the TIGHR conference in Victoria, British Columbia. This is an international conference and I am looking forward to meeting those from other countries and discussing techniques and methods of working. 

I did squeeze in some time to work on "Nesting" this week.  This piece is based on the hornet nests we see all over our property lately.  It was planned out from a smaller plein air work.

"Nesting"  in progress 14" X 19 1/2", Lori LaBerge  2015

A bright yellow-green is being used on the right side and I was a little worried it might be too strong, but it is working out nicely.  The mixture of dark browns make a nice contrast to both the yellow-green and the whites in the nest itself.  The browns are hooked vertically and the yellow-green is hooked in a random style to give variety to the work.

New designs were also worked on this week.

As yet untitled work,  Lori LaBerge  2015

I never really know if a design will be done exactly as planned until the hooking process begins.  This work is based on a suspension bridge in our area.  It will be done as two separate works and connected with chains.  

We have quite a few bridges here in North Carolina with Grandfather Mountain's bridge being the most well-known.  As we drove through back roads last weekend I noticed some that looked homemade and had quite the sway to them. These connected homes set behind creeks to main roads.

  As yet untitled work,  Lori LaBerge  2015

This work is based on posts from local piers that are of differing heights and stick out of the water.  I always write notes on the side of a design as thoughts come to mind of how the piece may be treated.  The notes above signify how background color will be distributed, how the metal will be cut and which of the narrow rectangles (posts) will be hooked or portrayed with metal.  This will be part of the Parkway Series.

Enjoy the sites in your area, make a few designs from them, take notes as ideas come to you (you can always change your mind later) and have a great day.

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