Saturday, November 14, 2015


"Baroque",  48" X 48"  oil and glass beads on canvas, Catherine Hall

While back in Vermont I decided to reconnect with my college art professor, Catherine Hall.  We often don't take the time to thank people who have made a difference in our lives. There are times we are with them for short periods and we move on.  It has been close to 30 years since we had talked and after seeing an article in the local paper on her artwork, I knew it was time to stop by and say "hello" to her.  

View of section of Catherine Hall's studio

We met at her studio in downtown Burlington.  Catherine is a versatile artist, exploring work in paint, encaustic, paper, sculpture and installation art.  Her materials consist of paper-mache, japanese rice papers, wax, dyes, plaster and oil paints among others.

Left side of Catherine Hall's studio

We talked about memories from the lecture hall and studio classes.  Projects she had students working on back then included collaborative murals, encaustic, egg tempera, oils, and weaving.  I still have some of my projects from those days.  My old Janson's History of Art and Arnason's History of Modern Art books are on my studio shelf today. 

A wonderful little alcove in Catherine Hall's studio

During our conversation, I learned of Catherine's link to the fiber arts.  Her father had run a textile mill in England.  She spoke of her daughter, Meg, who has an art studio in Brooklyn.  Meg Lipke works in felted wool as well as being a painter.  

There is an excellent article Catherine wrote telling of the art connection between her mother, herself and her daughter.  She writes about the textile mill, yarns, and includes photos of works.  The article portrays the strength of women in the art field and is inspiring to both current and future artists.  It can be read here.

By Catherine Hall, 2015

Of course, I couldn't leave without purchasing a piece of art.  I'm excited to return back to North Carolina and hang the above work in its new home.  

Look up those who have inspired you, aided you in your artistic work or simply been a source of encouragement and have a great day.

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