Saturday, November 21, 2015


 "U-Turn",  19" X 29"   Lori LaBerge  2015

"U-Turn" is basically completed, though it still needs tacking on the backside and a hanging device needs to be attached.  Metal tubes were stitched into place down the center.  I enjoyed working with a different shape in this piece.

Studio work this week also focused on a new composition idea.  There is a lot of talk about inspiration and I truly believe that inspiration is work.  I never find myself sitting around waiting for inspiration to suddenly occur.  

Composition ideas for "Fault Line"

Above is a sketchbook page from this week.  The first idea is in the upper left corner and came from interest in learning there are fault lines that cross in the Linville Falls area of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  When completed, this piece will become part of the Parkway series.

The sketches note where light and dark values will be placed.  The straight line going across and beyond the artwork will be a metal bar attached with screws.  The placement of lines on the first sketch bothered me along with the plain rectangular shape.  The point here is to start with something and go from there.

Experimenting with the placement of lines and going back and forth from making the middle shape either rectangular or with more of a diagonal edge cut by a line going through the work led to a new idea.  The middle shape being broken seemed to call for another section to be added to its right.

While the second sketch down on the left used this idea, the straight edge on the shorter section of the broken rectangle bothered me as it did not denote the broken feel I wanted. The placement of lines, however, did work for me.

The composition decided on is the one furthest to the right in the sketchbook.  One line cuts down the piece and breaks the rectangle into two sections and the lines work well without being distracting.

Will the final work match the drawing?  I never know this until the work is done.

Have some fun working on design ideas, think about why some ideas appear to work while others don't and have a great day.

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