Saturday, November 28, 2015


 "Dockside"  20" X 20",  Lori LaBerge  2015

"Dockside" is ready for the framing process.  After hooking, I cut metal rods, painted them and attached them to the piece with copper wire.  The metal on the dark side was painted gold and the metal on the light side was painted dark gray so there would be contrast with the background.

 Close-up of  metal section
While looking at some nearby docks and discussing the design with my husband, I decided to wrap yarn around each of the metal rods to mimic the rope tied around some of the poles holding up the docks.  The wire was twisted and left raw on the ends.

I also had time to color plan a design I had worked on for the connection series a couple of months back.  The mix of greens (mint, yellow-green and a chartreuse) should really pop against the gray background colors.  

"Winter Hideaway" in progress, 14" X 14"

With only seven months until the exhibit "Landscape: Four Ways" opens, I have designed twelve of the works to be exhibited.  Hooking on "Winter Hideaway" started this week.  The piece was developed from a sketch done last winter.  With the show being held in July, I'm figuring on having to complete a landscape every two weeks plus still work on my geometric abstracts and plan out a few pedestal works for the show.  When framing is added into the time plan I'll be fairly busy.  After our last artist meeting, I am excited about the exhibit.  We work really well together.

I always find it calming to work in the winter months, even when I am fairly busy. There is something about time alone in the warm studio while the winter wind is blowing outside that is soothing and relaxing.  Find your time and place to relax while creating and have a great day.

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