Saturday, November 7, 2015


"U-Turn" in progress, 19" X 29",  Lori LaBerge  2015

Hooking was completed on "U-Turn" this week.  I still need to find metal parts and will have to wait until I return home to complete the piece.  I wanted to make this piece a bit unsettling.  This was accomplished by centering the rust rectangles while placing the u-turn itself off center.  It is related to the unsettled feeling we may have when we reach a point in our life that we need to turn around and start over or try a different route.  

The finishing of the edges has not been decided yet.  I am debating between whipping them or folding the linen toward the back.

While hooking "U-Turn", I found I did not have the right color wool for the top of the work.  I wanted a darker beige.  The wool I brought with me was too light and had a grayish tint that blended too closely with the gray shades below it.  Luckily, while going through old clothes to donate to Good Will I found a plaid blazer.   After cutting the blazer up, the wool was washed, dried and hooked. Perfect shade!

Plan for "Dockside",  Lori LaBerge  2015

One thing I love about creating art is how it can change during the process.  The design above was created a few weeks back.  As I started the hooking process, I decided against the rectangular section.  I had done it before and it was not fitting the feel I wanted for the piece.  I knew this would be a piece with water and I wanted more of a free feeling rather than containment for the water section.

"Dockside" in progress  20 X 20,  Lori LaBerge  2015

I did away with the rectangle and decided to fill one of the shaped areas with multiple shades of blue and green.  I like seeing how things change and grow as artists progress in their work.  Sometimes the reasons are simple (mine was avoiding repetition of a rectangular shape I had used before and creating a flow for a water feel) and other times they are more complex, but change always leads us somewhere new with our work.

Look at your favorite artists work through time, see how it changed during their careers and have a great day.

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