Saturday, December 5, 2015


"Winter Hideaway"  14" x 14",  Lori LaBerge  2015
Hooking is done, steaming comes tomorrow and framing is on order

The piece above is based on a building that is along the quilt trail in Western North Carolina.  The trail has become quite a project in the area with over 200 painted quilt blocks on buildings.  The block became the focus of "Winter Hideaway" with the blue center square drawing the eye to it.

During the meeting for our landscape show next year, we decided to have each artist create four of their pieces to represent the four seasons and this will be my winter scene.  It was just finished this morning and steaming will take place tomorrow.  I really like the contrast of the mix of deep browns and the ice blues.  The diagonals also work well in the composition.  

I think of this style as abstract realism, though there are some variations of a definition of this.  There is the obvious realistic component of the building, but color is exaggerated. The original greens of the lower grass and trees behind the building have been changed to an unrealistic blue to emphasize the feeling of winter.  Both abstract and realism have been combined with the work being not totally realistic and not totally abstract.

I also added two new books to the shelves:

This book is for those who love to look at photos of studios.  I could get lost in these photos for days.  Keifer has had many studios over time.  The studios (where he also tends to live while working) have included abandoned warehouses, attics, and even an old silkworm breeding factory among other places.  He leaves the buildings pretty much as is.  They tend to be rough, as his work is.  Some works contain items such as shellac, straw, metal, plaster, branches and broken glass.  To see some of Keifer's works click here.  

This is for those interested in the development of fiber art as sculpture over time. There is weaving with both on and off-loom work, installation work, rope manipulation, macrame, felt and mixed-media works.  Artists include Sheila Hicks, Eva Hesse and Lenore Tawney among others.  There is background on various artists along with sections that relate to the beginnings of sculptural aspects of fiber art up to 2014.

Try mixing two different art movements in a piece of art to see what develops and have a great day.

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