Saturday, December 12, 2015


"Breathe Easy"  13" X 9",  Lori LaBerge  2015

There are so many beautiful spots throughout Western North Carolina.  I've made sketches of some and taken photos of many more.  The work above is based on a photo I took in Montreat, NC.  Pete and I were on a walk and this area was a great place to stop and relax a bit.  

The bridge really caught my eye, but as I looked closer I realized what really interested me was the tree growing under the bridge and its relation to the curve of the bridge itself.  You can see this area in the lower left of the photo.  This is what I focused on when planning the design.  I changed the green grass to have more of a fall feel which felt better for the artwork with the lack of leaves on the tree. 

I often find as I work that little changes can make a difference in a piece.  

In the above, the lower left branches both touch the curve of the bridge.  My eye kept going directly to the rust spot on the bridge where the two branches appear to be clamping onto it.  It bothered me so I made a change.  I could have removed the rust area, but that would leave two rust sections on the upper left with nothing to balance them out.  A different change was required.  *Note:  I did not take a photo of the first version of the work, so the line touching the bridge is photo shopped in to show you how it looked.

Here you can see how I removed where part of the branch touched the bridge.  This opens up the area and leads to the branches following along a diagonal line more fluidly.  The edges of the darker green in the grass area lead you upward on the diagonal to the tree.  I find in looking at the final work, the section of the rust no longer dominates where my eye goes in the way it did when both section of the lower branch touched the bridge.  

Before making major changes, take time to look and see if a minor change can make a difference in how you feel about the piece you are working on and have a great day.

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